Togo: Agou Avedze

Since the summer of 2006, the EWB-Denver Chapter has been working on the development of the rural community of 600 in the village of Agou Avedje (or Avedze), Togo. This work has been in conjunction with the community governance entities (community committees, village elders, etc.) and the in-country, non-governmental organization (NGO) partner, CADO (Center for the Assistance of the Deprived and Orphaned). The program is broken into three phases to be completed sometime between 2013 and 2018. The first phase was the planning phase, which was completed in Fall 2007 and partially documented in our proposed development plan. The second phase is all of the implementation work that the Chapter is helping to facilitate and the third phase is the monitoring and evaluation of the work that was been implemented; this last phase is on-going during phase two and will expire 5 years after all implementation is completed.

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Latitude: 6°51’51.74″N

Longitude:  0°46’43.82″E