Tanzania Program

The Isamilo communtiy consists of approximately 5,000 members and is located in a rural area near the shores of Lake Victoria, roughly 40 kilometers outside of the major city of Mwanza. Isamilo is one of several villages located in close proximity that together are known as the Idetemya Ward.

The first project within the community is to design and implement a sanitation facility at the Bulolambeshi Primary School. The school serves nearly 900 students and currently has only 6 toilets available for the students to use. These toilet facilities are in poor condition and regularly flood during the rainy season.  After the program team’s assessment trip in 2016, the project team researched and developed a comprehensive alternatives analysis to present possible sanitation solutions to the community. The community opted to proceed with urine diverting dehydration latrines as a sustainable solution. Through the provision of adequate sanitation facilities for the students, school staff and the surrounding communities will benefit from improved overall health, academic attendance, and sanitation habits.

The program team is currently working on the final design for the urine diverting dehydration latrines at Bulolambeshi Primary School, as well as an operations and maintenance plan and preparation for implementation.  We hope to travel again in the summer of 2017 to begin construction of the latrines and are always looking for motivated individuals with any level of experience that want to be a part of creating positive change for this community in Tanzania.  We could especially use any sanitation and/or structural engineers with five or more years of experience and that are interested and willing to travel.  Anyone interested in helping out is encouraged to contact Malinda Reese, the program lead, at Malinda.Reese@ApexDesignPC.com.

Review our 2016 Annual Report to find out more about who we are, what we accomplished in 2016, and what are goals are for 2017:  ewb-annual-report-2016

Program Milestones:

November 2015 – Tanzania Program officially approved by EWB-USA

April 2016 – Tanzania Team Awarded $3,520 grant from 214 Philanthropic Foundation

July 2016 – 4 members of the Project Team traveled to Isamilo for the first assessment trip

November 2016 – Tanzania Team Awarded $4000 grant from Bechtel Corporation

November 2016 – Isamilo Community chose urine diverting dehydration latrines as their preferred alternative

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Project Photos


Members of the Isamilo community attending a meeting hosted by EWB to discuss the proposed project



Members of the Isamilo community with EWB team members



The 2016 Assessment Trip team with the head teacher of the Bulolombeshi School



Malinda Reese, EWB Project Lead; Zach Swett, ASAP Liaison; and Mr. Shobani, Village Chairman present the Project Partnership Agreement signed by all three parties



The Idetemya Construction Committee with the EWB 2016 Assessment Trip team



Community members assist with the construction of test pits during the July 2016 Assessment Trip