Ecuador Program

Potable Water, Irrigation, and Erosion Control in Malingua Pamba, Ecuador
Our goal is to better the living conditions in Malingua Pamba through drinkable water, irrigation for crops and erosion control.

Togo Program

Water and Sanitation in Agou Avedje, Togo
No community-wide basic wastewater disposal system is present in the village. There are at least two community latrines and one of them is no longer maintained while the other is maintained by in-country entity and funded by the school fees at the primary school.

Madagascar Program

Clean Water in Ambalona, Madagascar
The poor quality of the water has created many health issues including dysentery and diarrhea which have lead to dehydration and even death, especially in children. The women and children of Ambalona spend at least three hours each day collecting water in plastic buckets taking time from other responsibilities and, most importantly, school.